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Nerdytips is a

football predictor with artificial intelligence

where you can find soccer predictions for matches from over 160 leagues. The tips are calculated using artificial intelligence algorithms and for each match, you have a wide range of tips. For each match, you can also access the section of details, where you can view statistics, recent matches and the profiles of the teams. This can help you have a better understanding of the prognostic offered.
The algorithm uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to predict matches. The secret of the software is that it improves from match to match because it learns continuously by analyzing the statistics of the matches, deciding the importance of each one and making the predictions. The software is developed in Java and runs on multiple servers in order to ensure its continuous analyzing process.
The predictions offered on our website are calculated using machine learning algorithms. In order to predict a match, the algorithm analyzes the statistics of the teams, their past matches and their current form and it comes up with tips for each football match.
    Why you should choose us:
  • our tips are calculated by taking into account a great amount of statistics and the predictions are based on mathematics and algorithms
  • the absence of human input in the calculation of the predictions leads to a maximum level of objectivity
  • the software offers predictions for over 160 leagues
No, you cannot place any bets on our website. NerdyTips does not want to encourage gambling.
Nerdytips offers a wide range of tips for each match. Their explanation is:

  • 1: the home team will win
  • 2: the away team will win
  • X: the match will end with a draw
  • 1X: the match will end with a draw or the home team will win
  • X2: the match will end with a draw or the away team will win
  • GG: both teams to score.
  • Under/Over: this tip refers to the number of goals that will be scored in the match. If the prediction is “under 2.5 goals”, it means that the number of goals in that match will be 0, 1 or 2. Also, a prediction of “over 1.5” means that the number of goals will be higher than 2.
  • HS: home team will score at least one goal
  • AS: away team will score at least one goal
  • H1: home team will win at a difference of at least two goals
  • H2: away team will win at a difference of at least two goals
The algorithm calculates the predictions for about all the leagues over the world. You can find football tips for England Premier League, Spain Primera Division, France Ligue 1, Romania Liga 1, Italy Seria A, World Cup, Euro etc.
For each match that we display on our website, we display a wide range of statistics which can be viewed if you click on the match. Those statistics include:
  • details about teams profile: attack and defensive
  • statistics from matches between teams which have the same profiles as the teams which meet in the current match
  • last results in h2h matches
  • last matches of each team
No, Nerdytips does not offer any fixed matches.